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You've never had a tan like this before. ™

hello glow™

Have you heard that spray tans are cold and unpredictable? Not here. Using a heat-infused system (no goosebumps!) we give our clients the best, most natural-looking spray tan for their skin tone. Plus, our eco-certified organic sugar beet solution is customized for each client and applied with warm air by a friendly + skilled technician which ensures a natural glow every time.

streak-free and natural looking airbrush tans

The Glow Team is here to help guide you to your perfect color combo. This isn't a one-size-fits-all spray tan – your color is 100% custom to you, ensuring a natural and flawless result.


in your bridal era?

For your wedding, you deserve nothing but the best. With our personalized color consultations and expertise in natural-looking tans, we'll guide you through your wedding tan and turn your dream bridal look into a beautiful reality.

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prepping for your appointment

Read our tips and tricks to getting the most natural and long-lasting glow. No patches or streaks, pinky promise! Be sure to read and follow our tips before and after you come in for your appointment.


glow memberships

Never go without a glow. As a member, you enjoy the benefits of glowing all year round. Your membership will auto-renew and you'll receive access to a glow every month.

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shop for your glow

Shop our curated spray tan friendly skincare at your fingertips.

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