glow preparation + glow after care.

Read our tips and tricks to getting the most natural and long-lasting glow. No patches or streaks, pinky promise! Be sure to follow this guide BEFORE and AFTER you come in for your appointment.

shower, shave exfoliate.

For best results use an exfoliating mitt to remove dull dead skin prior to your session. Because our tan works with your skin's natural lifecycle, which lasts between 7-14 days, we want to start out with fresh, clean skin for the longest lasting results. Avoid using oily scrubs and creamy shower gels as they leave a barrier on your skin.

Shave at lease 12+ hours before your appointment. The day before your appointment is best!

come to the appointment with fresh, clean skin.

For ideal results, always use sulfate free shower gels and soaps. Our Gingerly Organic Shower Gel is non-stripping and won't leave a residue that can affect your tan. We also recommend sulfate-free shampoo, because it comes into contact with your skin in the shower. Remember, do not shave right before your appointment!

use spray tan safe products.

For the life of your tan (and in general) we recommend using products that are spray tan safe. The harsh chemicals and ingredients in many common brands will be harmful to the tan, and your skin.  Here's what we recommend:

Sulfate free soap / shampoo.
Mainly natural and organic ingredients.

No mineral oil, petroleum, petrolatum in your makeup or moisturizers.

No Dove, Aveeno, Jergens, Palmers etc - it doesn't play well with your glow.

Avoid artificial fragrances and colors, the alcohol dries out the skin.

refrain from using any lotions or cream.

Our solution absorbs best on clean, dry skin. If you are feeling tight or have flaky skin, try the PRE moisturizer/pH balancing spray.

follow our after care instructions.

After your tan, continue to use spray tan safe products. These products are intended to help maintain your results.

In your first shower, use just your hands and warm water to rinse off the cosmetic bronzer. At the end of your shower, pat your skin gently, do not rub the skin while it's wet.

Moisturize with the Gingerly Nourishing Body Creme, or a natural oil, like jojoba or shea butter. Avoid retinol and salicylic acid, chemical or acid peels after your tan.

Avoid exfoliating for 5-6 days and wear spray tan safe sunscreen, every day.

plan to stay dry for 2-12 hours.

The tan will take between 2-12 hours to process. It is imperative to stay dry the entire development time for full results. For quicker development, we recommend the accelerator or "express tan" add-on.

frequently asked questions

We get it. There's a lot to take in. Read our FAQ below for some spray tanning insight. Still have questions? Contact us here.

how does a spray tan work?

If you cut an apple and let it sit out, it turns brown. The same concept applies to airbrush tanning. The active ingredient in our tanning solution is derived from eco-certified organic sugar-beets that react with the amino acids in in your skin's outermost layer to create the gorgeous tan that you desire. 

how does heated airbrush work?

The aloe enriched skin soothing solution is applied with a gentle flow of warm air.  By infusing heat directly into the tanning spray,  there's no dripping or streaking, and definitely no goosebumps. The tan is also dried as it's applied, making for a quick and comfortable appointment.

We strongly believe that spray tanning is not meant to be a "one-size-fits-all" service. That's why we always custom blend the tanning solution for each client based on their skin tone and desired result. We also keep track of tanning formulas, so you don't have to remember if you're a "light"  or a "medium" Wait really!? Yes, really.  We got you.

when should I book my session?

We recommend coming in 2-3 days before your event or wedding and 1-2 days before vacations. When booking, plan to stay dry for 10-12 hours after your appointment (5-6 hours with the accelerated option). This means no workouts, chores, showers, hair or nail appointments should follow your tanning appointment.

how do I take care of my spray tan?

Our biggest recommendation for long-lasting results is using spray tan safe products on your face, body and hair. We offer a variety of organic products in our studios along with our signature Gingerly line, that help maintain your results.

Wait at least 10-12 hours (5-6 hours with our express glow) before showering or bathing. It is not recommended to participate in any activities that may cause you to perspire excessively before your first shower.

View our care instructions on the top of this page for more information on how to prolong the life of your glow.

how do I prepare for my airbrush tanning session?

Shower, shave, and exfoliate. Come to the appointment with fresh, clean skin and be sure to use spray tan safe products. Shave at lease 12+ hours before your appointment. The day before your appointment is best!

View our care instructions on the top of this page for more information on how to prepare for your glow.

what is the attire?

The attire for women is whatever they are comfortable with. The cosmetic bronzers are water-soluble and should wash out, but the DHA in the tanning formula may permanently stain fabrics. Disposable undergarments are provided. The attire for men is boxers, briefs, swim trunks or shorts. Your Glow Lounge airbrush technician will always use the utmost discretion. 

who can get spray tanned?

Unlike UV tanning, there is no age restrictions on sunless tanning. Pregnant women may want to consult their physician prior to scheduling an airbrush session. We do not recommend sunless tanning on sun-burned skin. While our solution does contain aloe, it's best to apply pure aloe vera gel to your skin and let it heal completely before receiving an airbrush tan. We have sprayed men and women with of all ages, skin tones, and skin types. If you're curious if a spray tan is right for you, please contact us! 

what can I wear after my spray tan?

We recommend wearing dark, loose fitting clothing. We do not recommend wearing tight or strappy clothing, leggings, or tight socks immediately following your session

how long will my spray tan last?

If maintained properly, your glow can last 7-10 days. Be sure to follow the after-care instructions at the top of this page to prolong the life of your glow. A quick rundown:

No waxing. This will peel the tan right off your skin. When shaving, use a fresh razor and use a light touch.

Don’t exfoliate until the tan has mostly faded away.

Use spray tan safe products.

If you have or have recently had a sunburn you should not get a spray tan until your skin has healed.

If your skin peels while you have a spray tan you will have patchy, uneven results. These results are not caused by the application or color formula used.

should I spray tan before my vacation?

Definitely. We aim to provide a healthy tan for any occasion. Consider this essential to looking and feeling the best in your own skin. Our tan holds up well to sun and sea. Because of the drying effect it has on the skin, overexposure to highly chlorinated water such as pools or hot tubs, for extended periods, is not recommended. After the pool, rinse off, reapply your Sunscreen (we love Supergoop!) and enjoy your glow!

do people tip at their appointments?

Yes, like most service providers we often see gratuity around 20% and our airbrush technicians truly appreciate when you tip! Of course tipping is always based on your discretion and gratuity is not included in the service price.

how do glow lounge memberships work?

Glow memberships are offered in various session amounts and renews monthly. Learn more about our memberships here.