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glow session $53

Each session includes a personalized color consultation. One session is all that is needed to see full results.  

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In a time crunch? We offer two different express options that cut the tan development process time to 3 or 5 hours instead of the normal 10-12!

Dry and uneven skin prior to the tan can result in patchy or uneven results. Our pH balancing, skin-conditioning treatment nourishes your skin in preparation to the tan.

The natural oxidization that occurs during the spray tan process causes a stale smell on the skin. We offer optional scents to help eliminate after-tan odor. Options available are coconut lime, tea tree, and desert bloom.

memberships $53+/mo

Never go without a glow. As a member, you enjoy the benefits of glowing all year round. Your membership will auto-renew and you'll receive access to a glow every month.

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