building confidence one glow at a time.

When The Glow Lounge came to life, it was our mission to give our guests an amazing, natural looking tan plus an elevated tanning experience. We accomplish this by using the best products and equipment available and by treating every client with great care. ⁠

It's not just a spray tan to us. 10 years, 3 stores, and thousands of confident clients later, it is so much more than that! What keeps us going is our commitment to consistently delivering an amazing tanning experience that enhances your self-confidence.

You deserve to look and feel beautiful - yes YOU! We remain true to providing a great tan and a great experience, every time.

a note from glow lounge founder, mollie.

"As a redhead, I spent my younger years pushing my limits in the sun. I did not feel confident and I would give anything to have just a little color, and to look and feel as good as my friends. ⁠

I tried everything from tanning beds, to streaky, orange sunless tanners, to scary spray booths. (Hello, Ross from FRIENDS!) While the results would vary, the experience of tanning didn’t leave me feeling comfortable (let alone confident) in my own skin. This is where The Glow Lounge came into fruition. ⁠